Monday, May 31, 2010

Father's Day

I just have to say that I have some amazing men in my life.  My dearest Husband (who is such a great Dad to our children), my amazing Dad, and my sweet Dad-in-law.  With Father's Day coming up I had a chance to make some cards.  I also read that My Pink Stamper is having a challenge to create a Father's Day project; I figured I needed these cards, so I wanted to make them.  One thing that I make sure to do is talk to my little ones and ask them what they love about each Grandpa and their Daddy.

My kids told me that one of their favorite things about my Dad is that they love to go feed the horses with him.  Each time we go down they make sure to buy carrots to feed to the neighbor's horses (they checked with the neighbors to make sure it was OK).  Such a simple thing, but it means the world to my little ones.  So for my Dad I made this card using the Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge and a few pop dots (love those things).

When asked, my children told me that their favorite thing about their Daddy was when they play with him, and when they go 4-wheeling (a family activity).  This was made using the Camp Out cartridge (the best one for my family).  I hope my Hubby likes it. :)  My kids even picked out the colors to match his 4-wheeler.

 I didn't get a chance to make one for my wonderful Dad-in-law yet.  Just wait, I really want to make a good one (just not enough time).  I'll get it done soon though!!!! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mom and Dad's Anniversary

My parents' anniversary is at the end of the month.  I'm so glad to have such wonderful parents!!!!!!  This is a card I made for them, hopefully they don't watch my blog too often.  It's made from my new Home Decor cartridge (LOVE IT!!!!!), I hope you enjoy. :)

I wanted to take a close-up picture of the heart.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I think it turned out perfect!  Well - perfect enough.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Cake

So with today being my little girl's Birthday, I decided to make a special cake.  It's not perfect, but my little girl got to help so it meant more.  I cut out the Hannah Montana's yesterday and thought that they would go very well with the butterfly cake.  ** Don't look at my messy table**.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is my beautiful little girl's Birthday!!!!!!  I'm so excited for her.  She (like most little girls) is in to Hannah Montana.  So I decorated this little bag for her.  I got the idea from Fantabulous Cricut.  They had a challenge this week to make some sort of 3D project and include the color black.  The bag is just made from a brown paper bag covered with printed paper, and of course Hannah Montana from the Disney Hannah Montana cartridge.  My DH bought some smaller items for our little girl and I thought this would be the perfect little thing for them.

**Side Note - you really need to check out the Fantabulous Cricut, they are featuring a company called Stamp Out Online.  They have the cutest custom made stamps for a signature for a card.  I really like them a lot!!!!**

I hope you like my little girl's Birthday Bag!!!!!!!

 Happy Birthday 
my little Love!!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Peachy Keen Challenge

Well, I think I love Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge blog!!!!!  They have a challange this week to follow the pattern shown below.  They always have the cutest ideas!!!

This worked perfectly for me because I needed to make some birthday cards but ran out of ideas.  This helped and I think they are super cute!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well, I like it!

Well, I wanted to change it up a little so I decided to change the look of my blog.  What do you think?  I really like how it turned out. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scrapbook Page

I was asked to be part of the committee for an open craft night for my ward/area.  We just had our first open craft night yesterday.  As part of it I was asked to teach something for a few minutes.  Since I'm not very good at scrapbooking I thought it might be good to teach the basics and remind people why we get into scrapbooking to begin with (photo journaling/family history).  So these where the pages I made.  Again - very easy and super simple.  Just plain basic.  I'm not sure anyone got anything out of it, but at least I learned a few things. :)  **I blurred the pictures because you just never know**

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blog Candy

I don't usually do this, but I found a blog recently that I fell in love with (  Check it out - she's even giving away blog candy, including a GYPSY!!!!  OOOOOOOH, I would love to win!!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday Cards

One thing that I'm trying to do is stay on top of Birthdays (yeah, good luck). Well, this one was picked out by my babies for one of my brothers. I hope he likes it because they loved being able to pick it out.

This one is for my nephew. Again my little ones decided what to do. I liked the end result, it fits him. :)

Job Chart

Ok, so this is silly, but it works for my little ones. We had a hard time making sure that all of the chores where getting done around the house. So I created these job charts (please excuse the flash reflection). These are just 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper inside of a sheet protector and we use dry erase markers to check off each item. I did it this way because as they get older we'll put words instead of pictures and give more responsibility/chores. When that time comes all I need to do is take out the paper and make a new one. I just thought I'd share.

Monday, May 3, 2010

NSD MPS Challenge 12

Last but not least was the challenge to make a scrapbook page, card or other craft using an animal or critter. If you look at most of my cards, they have some sort of animal. What can I say, I just love animals!!!!! I also made this card because I needed a few more masculine cards, the colors and the bear seemed to work just right. I hope you enjoy this one!!!

NSD MPS Challenge 11

This was a fun challenge! The challenge was to use one or all of the colors of the rainbow. I'm not big into brighter colors, but for some reason this paper really stuck out at me. I really liked the 3D 'Cherish' sticker, it seemed to really fit with the card. :)

NSD MPS Challenge 10

This challenge was to create something with flowers or 'Springy' . . . need I say more? :) Well, one more thing - don't you think the froggy is the CUTEST?!

NSD MPS Challenge 9

This challenge was to make a shaped card, scrapbook page, or project. This was easy for me (thank you Wild Card)! My niece will be graduating this month so of course this one's for her. **Love you Ash!!!**

NSD MPS Challenge 8

This was a complete stretch for me to do!!!! I loved it!!!!! The challenge was to make something using only one color and add a flower. Well, I LOVE this red color!!!!! So I just had to use it (and I absolutely love this card)!!!!!!!!!!!!

NSD MPS Challenge 7

This challenge was to create something for your Dad or guy in your life. As I was trying to think of a card that reminded me of my Dad, I looked over at a small calendar that I had. For anyone that knows me, they know that if I get a gut feeling I have to run with it. This was the end result.

NSD MPS Challenge 6

We have two 'I Spy' bags that my kids love to look at. My little girl loves to recognize letters, so I made this (with her in mind) to help her with the letters. I know, a little cheesy, but I knew that she would like it. :)
This challenge was to make something with a child or for a child. Since my little ones where gone during this challenge I made them something. When they came home and saw it they were excited.

NSD MPS Challenge 5

This challenge was to create something for Teacher Appreciation Week or for someone we appreciate. I created this card for one of the ladies in my area. She has really reached out to me, and I really appreciate her. I hope she likes it!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

NSD MPS Challenge #3

The third challenge from My Pink Stamper was to 'Think Outside the Box' and use something you wouldn't normally use. Well, I ended up doing two things for this challenge (just because I couldn't pick).

The first is one that I am SOOOO proud of. Ok - brace yourselves!!!!! I MADE A PATTERN AND SEWED!!!! I actually made this cover for my Cricut ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!! I know - it sounds like I'm 3 years old, but this was a BIG step for me!!!!! It's a little big (LOL - yeah, just a little . . .), but it's not bad for a first (no laughing at it LaRee!!!!)

The second thing I did that was outside of my box was using vellum. My wonderful Sister-In-Law gave me some and told me that this was one of the best things to work with. I figured it was worth a shot. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I hope you can still see the end result. :)

NSD MPS Challenge #2

For My Pink Stamper's Second Challenge she's asked people to use scraps. This one was super simple. I've been working on Birthday cards and so I have a bit of the balloon paper scraps (isn't the paper CUTE?!) One of my favorite things to do is to use the scraps to make new cards; sometimes they even turn out better than the ones I originally made. :) This one was one of my favorites, what do you think?

NSD My Pink Stamper Challenge #1

My dearest Mother-in-law has my babies today (THANK YOU!!!!); so between laundry and cleaning I thought it would be fun to participate in My Pink Stamper's challenges that she has going on today for National Scrapbook Day (NSD). The first challenge was to create something for your Mother or someone special to you. Wow, twist my arm (strong sarcasm!!!). Here's a card I made for my Mother. Hopefully she doesn't check my blog. :)