Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Stuff!!!!!

First I have to apologize for not posting or visiting any of my creative friends in a while.  I have  been extremely busy!  Without boring you with details - let me just say that I am participating in two more blog hops and have finished around a hundred cards for my mom and sister.  I am truly sorry that I haven't been able to stop by and comment on every one's blog!!!

Let me just tell you how excited I am!!!  Jen over at Simply Chic Design by Jen asked if I would like to participate in her Christmas Blog Hop that she was hosting.  Of course I said YES!!!!!!!!! (I think I may have answered her with that many exclamation points too!!) :)  I am so honored that she would ask me to participate, she has such amazing talent; to be invited by her is such an honor!!!  Here is a list of the amazing ladies I get to hop with:

Karen @ The Busy Bug

Can you believe it?!!!  All of these amazing ladies in one blog hop!!!!  So don't forget to check back early on December 1st for the Christmas Blog Hop!

So I am super excited about this one as well!!!! 

Dorcas over at 4 Crafty Angels invited me to join her (along with some more amazing crafters) for her Snowy Winter Hop on December 4th!  EEEEK!  Again - I had to say YES!!!!!!!!!  Who wouldn't want to create with this amazing group:

Can you believe it?!  Two super fun hops so close together!  I'm excited!  I hope to see you at both! :)

I'm excited too - I found out that I won Emma's (My Creative Time) Gypsy Magic and More DVD from Paula at More Than Favors!  I'm so excited!!!!!! :)  Thanks again Paula!!! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sylish Blog Award

I just found out that I was given this award from Minta over at Minta's Creations!  I am so honored!!!!  Thank you so very much!!!!

I did list 8 things about me two posts down, but I can list even more if you'd really like (I'm sure I probably shared too much info already - I mean who really wanted to know that I sing all the time, but still get stage fright?!)!

I'm still trying to narrow it down to 8 blogs; I'll post with those as soon as I know who to give it to! :)

Thanks again for this amazing award!!!!!!! :)

An Amazing Giveaway

It's not mine, but belongs to Kimberly over at My Craft Spot!!

You will love the video she has posted!!!!!!  Please hop over for a chance at the Giveaway!!! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Feel the LOVE!!!!!!

OH MY WORD!!!!!!  I am completely humbled!!!  I don't even know what to say . . . well, I do, but I'm almost speechless!!!! :)

I would like to thank (ok, this feels like I just won an Emmy or something **yes, I'm LOL**)

Jean at Jean's Crafty Corner

Rebecca at Buzzy Bee Designs

Pam at Simply Pam

Jen at Simply Chic Designs by Jen

Jamie at JME Creations

Each one of these amazing ladies awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award!  I am so honored and shocked!!!  They all have very stylish blogs, they always inspire me!

In order for me to accept this award I am supposed to do the following:
  1. Thank and Link back to the person that gave the award
  2. Share 8 things about yourself
  3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered
  4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award
So 8 things about Celeste (ME!):
  1. I LOVE hunting, ATV-ing and doing just about anything outdoors!
  2. I chop and haul wood every day during the winter to keep my house warm (it's less expensive than the gas and a lot more fun); believe it or not - I LOVE doing it!!!!!
  3. I have a hard time telling someone 'no' when they ask for help - a strength yet a big weakness!!!
  4. I am the oldest of 8 children and the oldest of 80+ Grandkids and I have two of my own (you should see our family reunions)!!
  5. I love making photo videos (like you see at weddings), I make one every year for both sides of the family for Christmas.
  6. My favorite treats are the candy cane hugs, I buy a few extra because their only around during Christmas (yes, there are some in my cupboard . . . and I hide them or my little boy climbs on the table to steal them)!
  7. I love making salsa and homemade chips!!!  It's my favorite snack and it's one of few things that can actually make in the kitchen (I'm not a good cook)!!!
  8. I always have to have some background noise, usually music; and you will usually hear me singing to it at any time - just don't ask me to sing in front of people (I get terrible stage fright)!!!!!!

I am trying to narrow down the 8 people I would like to send this award to; it's really hard (plus I want to make sure they haven't received it yet).   I hope you don't mind, but I'll post the 8 blogs as soon as I figure out who they are! :)

Thanks again ladies!!!  I'm so honored!!!  You have no idea how much each of you inspire me; thank you for sharing your amazing talents!!!!! :)

My Thanksgiving Blessings Blog Hop Winner!!!

I want to let all of you know I appreciate the sweet comments and a big hug and welcome to my new followers friends!!!  I'm so honored and happy that you found/find something fun to make!!!!!

On to the winner . . . the winner of the Thanksgiving Blessings Blog Hop is . . .
Karelj said...
What great projects! I especially like the colors you chose for your grateful card. I love your blog and I'm now a follower. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Karel - I just sent you an e-mail.

You should really check out Karel's blog (here)!  She's so creative!!!! :)

Thanks again for all of the sweet comments!!!  A big thanks to Kassidy at Inking it Up Crazy for letting me participate in this hop!  Kassidy - you are truly a blessing to me!!!! Thank you!!!!  One more big thanks to all of the wonderful ladies that participated in the hop with me!!  You are all inspirations to me!!  Thank you!!!!

Thanks again to all of my followers friends!!!!  You're sweet comments always make my day!!!  I hope you all have a great day! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Thanksgiving Blessings Blog Hop

WELCOME!!!!  I'm so glad you're here with me for My Thanksgiving Blessings Blog Hop hosted by the talented Kassidy from Inking It Up Crazy!

I'm sure you came here after visiting Jenny at Crazy About Cricut (isn't she AMAZING?!), if not - make sure you start at the very beginning with Kassidy at Inking It Up Crazy!!  Make sure you stop by all of the blogs for inspiration and BLOG CANDY!!! :)  Here's the line-up (I know - can you believe I get to do a blog hop with all of these AMAZING crafters?!!!!)

Celeste @ CC's Cards and Crafts (YOU ARE HERE!!!!)
Debbie @ DD's Crafts

The theme is My Thanksgiving Blessings, each one of the amazing ladies in the hop has created a project centered around the blessings they have had this past year.  With  that intro I'll explain a little about my projects; since we've been super blessed this year I was only able to narrow all of my ideas down to these two.  The first is a photo block, in order to explain this one I'll have to give a little bit of our history.  My DH lost his job almost 2 years ago - don't worry, he was able to find a new one . . . we just had to move to a different state.  The company I worked for allowed me to work from home for a little bit, but eventually they let me go as well.  During the last two years we've really come to realize that our family comes first.  We always knew that our children came first; we just started giving of ourselves and our time to our children instead of gifts.  So to celebrate everything we have, I have decided to make a photo block each year (I think it might be fun to go back and do this with some older pictures).  It just has the highlights from this year - our little girl going into kindergarten and our little boy fishing.  The other sides have my little girl playing at the park and my little boy shooting a BB gun with my DH.  I put the year '2010' on the top and all of our names on the bottom.  I didn't show the faces of my little ones just to be safe (and yes, her hair curls in ringlets naturally . . . it's OK, a lot of people are jealous!!)!!

This is my second project.  After we moved I was able to meet some of the most amazing people that live in my little town.  There are many of them that will do and give everything they have to help someone.  I made this card was made for one of my friends that lives near me!  She is such a kind and giving person and I just wanted to let her know how grateful I am for her!
This card was made using  Gypsy Wanderings.  I cut out the tag out once using the brown cardstock and once with the colored cardstock and the shadow for the phrase 'Grateful'.  I cut 'Grateful' out and colored the leaf (and added a little non-brand Stickles for bling).  For the card holder I just took a 12 x 5 1/2 inch piece of paper, folded it into thirds.  I cut the two sides down at an angle and used a punch to add a little bit to it.  The flower was given to me, I think it's an SEI flower, but I can't remember for sure (sorry)!! :)

Moving on to the blog candy (because everyone loves a little candy)!  All you have to do is leave a comment.  That's all!!!  If you like my style, I'd love to have you as a follower; but it is NOT required!  :)  You have until 8:00am Monday Nov. 22 to leave a comment, the winner will be posted that afternoon.  One comment per person, and US residents only (I hope you understand).  Now I know it's not much, but here's the candy:

You're next stop is  Raven over at Love 4 Stamps!!!  You'll love it, she is so amazing!!!!  I love her style (I'm sure you will too)!!!  I just want to give a big Thanks to Kassidy for letting me join in her blog hop!  I am truly blessed with so many things (it would take FOREVER to name them all), and I hope that your lives will be blessed all year long!  Thanks again for stopping by and don't forget to go and visit Raven at Love 4 Stamps (tell her I say 'hi')!! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Thanksgiving Blessing Blog Hop - coming soon!

I'm so excited!!!  I have been invited to participate in very fun blog hop!!!

The hop is hosted by the wonderful and talented Kassidy at Inking it Up Crazy!  I'm so excited to participate!!  Here's the line-up of all of the ladies that I get to participate with:

Debbie @ DD's Crafts

I can't tell you enough times . . . I'M SO EXCITED!!!  I hope you can join me!  (Don't forget there will be something that starts with a Blog and ends with Candy. HAHAHA)! :)  I hope to see you there!! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Few More Birthday Cards

Those that know a little about me or have hopped with me know that my little ones have a lot to do with my cards.  I am first and formost a Mommy!  Well, the following three cards are very simple (VERY, VERY SIMPLE).  I must appologize for the . . . interesting color schemes.  These cards were made for my family and so it means the world to my children to pick the colors and design the cards.

This one is for my youngest brother.  My little boy designed it and wouldn't let me put anything else on it.  Made using Create A Critter.

This one was made for one of my Aunts.  She's very special to me, and has a very special place in the heart of my daughter.  So of course my little girl designed this one.  She let me add a little bling to it, but not much else.  This little lady is from Walk in My Garden.

This one is for my Niece.  She lives in Canada so we don't get to see her very much, but she happened to be down for a little over a week.  She loves the Twilight series (which is the reason for the Apple), and the butterfly is because my little girl wanted it on there.  Again, my children picked the paper.  Well, what do you do?! :)  Both are from Create A Critter.
Thanks so much for stopping by!!  I'm so glad you did, and I hope it put a smile on your face!!! :)

Happy Birthday

Within the first two weeks of this month I've had 5 Birthdays and 1 Anniversary.  To add to that I had a neighbor ask for 12 Thank You cards for some people that work for her husband.  I was able to get the Birthday and Anniversary cards done (pictures will come) and I'm working on the Thank You cards.  To top it all off, my little sister is leaving on an LDS mission.  She's going to be serving in Argentina and is leaving today.  So Sunday was a very big day for my family; by tradition we have all of the family gather along with very special friends.  We were fortunate enough to have a lot of people help with food for the gathering of friends and family on Sunday, when you come from a family as big as mine (my mom is the oldest of 15 children and that makes me the oldest of 80+ Grandkids).  To help my mom out I told her I would make a bunch of Thank You cards for her to give to family and friends that brought food, and more for my sister to Thank people for coming and supporting her.  So until I get the rest of the card posted I'll show you one that my little girl helped with!  This is for my Mother-in-law's Birthday.  Enjoy!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by (I'm so glad you did)!  Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Attitude Blog Award

AWWW,  Thanks ladies!!!  I feel so honored!!!!!

I've received the 'Attitude Blog' award from Cheryl at Cards by CG and Celeste at Touched by a Butterfly.

(From what I can tell, both thumbnails go for the same award even with different names)

To accept this award I need to say three things that make me different from everyone else and then I have to pass it on to five other blogs.  After that I'll display the award (on my blog award page) and I can receive a $5 gift certificate from Digi's With Attitude (click here for details).

So here you go:

3 thing that make me different:
1.  I tell it like it is - I hate beating around the bush (it's a blessing and a curse)
2.  I love when I get to dress up and look pretty, but love going hunting and camping, and playing in the mud with my ATV!!!!!
3.  Only a very small portion of my creations actually turn out the way that I originally thought they would (even less make it to my blog).

5 people I want to award this to (in no particular order):
1.  Lisa at Lisa's Scrap'n
2.  Jen at The Purple Scrapbooker
3.  Ana Maria at Teach U 14
4.  Adrian at By Adrian 4 U
5.  Diane at Scraps by Ownhomedog

These are a few of the blogs that I absolutely love!  All of these ladies are so amazing - they will inspire you with their creations!  Thanks for sharing your amazing talents ladies!!!!  I'm a big fan! :)

PS - (Rhonda - I wanted to pass it onto you, but I noticed you had already received it from Carri - ABusyBee). :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tunnel Card How To - long and lots of pics!

I'm not sure if that's what they are called; I just had someone call it that - so we'll roll with it. :)  Now I did this using my Gypsy, but I'm sure there's a way to do it without a Gypsy - it may just take some practice.  The square used is from Platin Schoolbook and the phrase, phrase shadow and tree are all from the Gypsy download, Christmas.  I will apologize to all of you - I tried to take pics of each step, but I have a bad habit of never planning and just rolling with it so you'll see I added a ribbon and one more cut after everything.

**You can click on the pictures to see them close up**

First figure out how big you want your card.  I make all of mine so they fit into an A2 envelope (4 1/4 x 5 1/2).  So all you do is grab a rectangle to fit on the inside of the card, mine is 5 x 8 1/2.  In order for me to make things a little easier I centered it over the 6 inch line. 

You can use any image in the middle as long as the width is less than the width of the final card (does that make sense?)  Simple terms - for my card the image couldnt' be wider than 4 1/4.  To be on the safe side I keep it even smaller than that. :)

I also cut a smaller tree (to hang in the middle) as well as a phrase and phrase shadow. 

Cut the images out (don't throw away the middle of the image - we'll use it for the front of the card) :)

Next step is to take whatever background paper you want for the base of your card.  Cut it to the size of the card.  Double sided cardstock would work really well, but if you don't have any (like me) you can cover the front and it will look just fine. :)  Fold the card so that the background paper is inside, not out like it normally is.

 Now you will take the paper that has the image cut out and fold it into quarters.  The easiest way to do this is to fold the cardstock/paper in half so that the pattern to it is up, then fold the outside edges in.

Next, glue down the outer rectangle parts only.  It's easiest to put the glue on one side, place it, and then put down the opposite side.  Just make sure your card will lay flat (I've messed up on this part before). :)

 Next (tired yet?) - take the smaller cut (mine was a smaller tree) and tape or glue a ribbon to the back of it.  Attach the other part of the ribbon to the top of the fold. (super simple) :)

I just made a matching rectangle for the front of the card and sides to the inside (sorry, I forgot to take pics of the inside rectangles and decided to add a ribbon).

 I placed extra paper on the outside of the card along with the above rectangle, a ribbon, the phrase and the leftover Christmas tree part (the shadow that was cut out for the inside).  I ended up using an extra cut I had lying around of this same tree in green (since I didn't like just the red) - I hope it doesn't confuse anyone!!!

PS - don't look at the edges of my white cloth in the picture - I didn't notice it until now.

It's not the exact same as the leaf card, but the same concept.  I hope this helped!!!  Let me know if you have any questions about it!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  I'm so glad you did! :)

Three Things - real quick!

First - THANK YOU!!!!!

To all of my new followers friends!!  Thanks so much for joining me!!!  I truly hope you had as much fun as I did!!!!!  I loved all of the comments!  All of you are truly amazing!!!  Thank you!!!

Second - YEAH!!!!! ANOTHER BLOG HOP!!!!!!!

I am so honored!!  Kassidy over at Inking it up Crazy has invited me to be part of the Thanksgiving Blessings Blog Hop!!!  I'm so excited!!!  As it gets closer, you'll hear more about it!

Third - Step by step on it's way!!

I had a lot of requests for a step by step on how to do the leaf card (click here to see it) that I made.  I took the pics and everything I'll get it up in a little bit - Thanks for being so patient!!! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winner of the Fabulous Fall Blog Hop!!!

WOW!!!  Three hops in a very short amount of time! (I'm exhausted - how about you?!) :)  With the three days for the Fabulous Fall Blog Hop there were a total of 206 comments!  Using the winner of the candy is . . . . .

# 157 is Khristen!!!!

Khristen said...What a great idea, to customize the tree for each month. Great project, thanks for sharing!  You should go check out her blog (click here), she's so creative!!!!!!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all of your amazing comments.  I really do read all of them!!!!!  They make me smile! :)  Thanks so much! 

Big thanks also for all of my new followers!!!  It wasn't a requirement, and yet you decided to follow anyways!  Thanks so much!!!!

Hopefully later today I'll be able to get the step by step picture directions for the leaf card!!  Thanks so much for being interested! :)  Have a wonderful crafting day!! :)

Big Thanks to Cheryl for hosting this hop as well as Jen, Georgiana, Star and Yvette!!  I really enjoyed doing this hop, and feel so honored to participate with such AMAZING crafters!!  Thanks so much ladies!!! :)  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winner of the Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop!

Yeah for the winner!!!  Are you ready?  The winner for the Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop is . . .

#64 is -

Charlotte said...
You are so right. We should learn more about other cultures and celebrations. It will make us better people.
Congrats Charlotte!!!  I just sent you an e-mail to get your address.  Congrats!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fabulous Fall Blog Hop - Day 3 (Last Day)


Oh, so sad!!!!  This has been fun!  I love the Fall and this blog hop was indeed FABULOUS!!! :)  If you came here first make sure you start at the beginning with Cheryl at Cards by CG. :)

So for the last day of the blog hop I wanted to make something that reminds me of blessed I am (especially with Thanksgiving just around the corner).  I decided to make a Thankful Tree.  This tree will actually be hanging on our fridge year round.  This month we'll write our blessings (one a day) on the leaves, next month we'll cut out some Christmas ornaments, January will do snowflakes and so on.
The background paper is from the DCWV Recyled pack (again - I know, I just love it) :)  The tree is cut from Paper Doll Dress Up.  My Mother-in-Law gave me the leaves a while ago (she said she'd never use them), so I decided to use these instead of cutting more out (although I could have used the Gypsy Wanderings to get the same type of leaf).

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments (and yes, I read EVERY SINGLE ONE)!!!  Don't forget about the blog candy I'm offering (click here for more info) as well as the blog candy from our wonderful sponsors (click here for that specific post on Cheryl's blog).

I hope you've enjoyed this blog hop as much as I have!!!    Here is a list of all of the creative ladies that have joined in the blog hop (just in case you haven't seen their projects)!  :)

Thanks again for stopping by!  I'm so glad you did!!!  Have a Fabulous Fall!!!! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fabulous Fall Blog Hop - Day 2


Welcome to Day 2 of the Fabulous Fall Blog Hop!!!  I hope you're having fun!!  I'm guessing you just came over after visiting Yvette at The Little Things.  Remember - if you came here first make sure you start at the beginning with Cheryl at Cards by CG. :)

For those that know a little about my style you'll know that my little ones often 'help' with my creations; I am first and foremost a Mommy!!  Well, the post today may seem a little cheesy so I hope you don't mind!!!

This coming up week we will be visiting my Parents and my siblings (my dear sister is leaving for an LDS mission), so she will be gone for two years.  Since we are not able to visit my family as often as we'd like, we try to bring cute little homemade gifts from my little ones to give to the family.  It may be as simple as a card or a picture; but with Thanksgiving coming up we wanted to make something a little different.   So here's what we made. :)

My little ones had a blast making these fun little guys!  We went for a walk and found some rocks that were a little bit bigger than the palm of their hands and a smaller one as a head.  I traced their hands onto white cardstock and let them color them.  I cut them after they were colored because I knew that there was no way my youngest would be able to just color the paper (my whole table would have been blue). :)  They didn't want me to paint the rocks (like I had originally wanted); instead they wanted to color them with crayons.  We did use a sharpie for the eyes; my little girl is old enough that she colored the eyes and mouth on hers (the turkey on the right).  I just hot glued the rocks together as well as hot glued the 'feathers' to the 'body'.

Like I said, a super cheesy post!!!  Nothing fancy, just a fun activity to do with any child. :)  I'd love to hear about fun craft activities you've done with a child in your life!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!  Don't forget about the blog candy I'm offering (click here for more info) as well as the blog candy from our wonderful sponsors (click here for that specific post on Cheryl's blog).

Now that you've gone through all of the blogs in the hop - make sure you start again with Cheryl at Cards by CG tomorrow morning for the last day of our Fabulous Fall Blog Hop!!!!

Just in case you need it - here is a list of all of the AMAZING ladies that are participating in the hop:

Thanks again for stopping by!  I'm so glad you did!!!  I hope you've had fun, and don't forget to stop by again tomorrow!! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fabulous Fall Blog Hop

Scroll down or click here to see the winner of the 80's blog hop!


Welcome to the Fabulous Fall Blog Hop!!!  I was so excited to be invited to participate in this wonderful blog hop!!!  I hope you've had a great time along the way!  I'm guessing you just came over after visiting Yvette at The Little Things (isn't she amazing?!), if you happened to stop by my blog first you may just want to start at the beginning with Cheryl at Cards by CG; we have some amazing giveaways you'll want to know about!! :)

Moving to my creation for today. :)  This was a new type of card that I have never made before.  You'll see on the second picture that it opens up with a cut out in the middle with a leaf dangling.  It took a little bit, but I think it turned out cute. :)  I made it with my Gypsy using the Gypsy Wanderings for the leaves.  I used the Mickey Font cartridge for the letters in 'Thanks' and welded them together.  The border punch is one of the MS all around punches.  The paper is from the DCWV Recycle pack (I can't remember the exact name of the pack - Sorry)!!!!

You can click on the pictures for a closer look (just don't look too close, because I'm sure you'll see my many mistakes some of the cards' personality). :)

**UPDATE:  I've had several people ask for a step by step on how to make this card (I'm truly sorry, I thought there were a lot of these around).  Since I do not own a video camera I will make a photo step by step guide after the Blog Hop is over to show how I made this type of card.**

Like I said before I hope you've checked out Cheryl's blog because you will see all of the amazing things that our wonderful sponsors are giving away.  I also have a little blog candy of my own! :)

 To be eligible to win my blog candy all you have to do is leave a comment.  This hop will be going on for three days, so if you leave a comment on each of the three posts you'll have a total of three chances (make sense?) :)  If you like my style and my creations than I would love to have you be a follower, but it is NOT required!! :)  Only one comment per post, please. :)  I'm only able to send the candy to US residents; I'm so sorry, but I hope you understand!

Now that you've gone through all of the blogs in the hop - make sure you start again with Cheryl at Cards by CG tomorrow morning for some more Fall Fun!!!!

Just in case you need it - here is a list of all of the AMAZING ladies that are participating in the hop:

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm so glad you did!!!  I hope you've had fun, and don't forget to stop by again tomorrow!! :)

Winner of the 80's Blog Hop!

The winner of the blog candy for Raven's 80's Blog hop is:

#49 was Maria!!!!!

Maria said...
This card is like totally awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

Maria - I sent you an e-mail, just let me know your address!  If it doesn't come through just e-mail me at mctdbillman (at) gmail (dot) com. :)

Congrats again!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

80's Blog Hop Day 8 - Final Day!!


Today is the last day of  Raven's 80's blog hop (I'm almost sad)!!  The hop was to celebrate Raven's Birthday and it's been sooooo much fun (I hope you've had as much fun as I did)!!!!  

So for one last 80's blast-from-the-past I sort of took a couple different things and made them into one last card.  The 80's where all about neon colors (which is the reason for the color scheme), since it was Raven's birthday I had to have something in for that (PARTY!!!!!!!!!), and last but not least I chose this cupcake because another thing I remember about the 80's was Strawberry Shortcake!!!!!!  I know - shortcake, cupcake and I should have at least but a strawberry on the card instead of a cherry!!!!! :)  Alright, well I guess that's stretching it a little with Strawberry Shortcake, but at least it has the 80's colors, right?!  :)  I still think this little cupcakes cute.  So join in with me in thanking Raven for hosting such a fun blog hop!!!!!!!!  Thanks Raven - I hope you had a great Birthday week!!! :)

Of course this little lady is from Create a Critter.  I know, I know - but it's one of my new cartridges!!! :)  I'm just loving it! :)

Make sure you check out these wonderful ladies (if you haven't already)! You may have to scroll down to see their creations for the blog hop!!!

Here are links on my blog to all of the days of the blog hop.  For more chances to win my blog candy you just need to comment on each post (only one comment per post, please).
For more details check out Day 1 of the 80's Blog Hop !!!

Thanks again for stopping by!!! :) You have until tonight (Nov. 4) at midnight (MST) to enter in comments.  Thanks again!!!! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Amazing Win!!!

Scroll down for the 80's blog hop as well as the Dia de los Muertos blog hop.

I've mentioned before that I have a little girl and a little boy.  Both of them LOVE to make cards with me.  My poor little boy has to deal with me making cute turtles, frogs and other animals instead of 'handsome' things.  Well, earlier this week I found out that I actually won the Robotz cartridge from Everyday Cricut!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!  I can't even tell you how excited I am.  Joy and Melanie always have the cutest cards, you really should see the talent these ladies have!  Well they do weekly prizes from the comments and they happened to pick me!!!  YEAH!!!  My little boy is going to make me make every single thing on that cart - I just know it!!!! 

Thanks so much Joy and Melanie!!!!!

80's Blog Hop Day 7


Today is Day 7 of  Raven's 80's blog hop and it's totally AWESOME!!  **I'm posting every day until I announce the winner on November 5th, comment on each post for more chances to win the blog candy!**

**WARNING - before scrolling down you may want to put on some sunglasses! :)**

At least I warned you. :)  Today's post is dedicated to all of those that had (or have *no judgment*) a MY LITTLE PONY!!!!!!!!  Come on!!!!  You remember these, right?  There were some with color changing hair, sparkly hair, glittered bodies, EVERYTHING!  I loved playing with them, and now my little girl has a few.  I actually thought this card would be cute for my little girl to give one of her friends.  My little girl LOVES giving cards to all her friends, family and anyone else that even smiles at her (Gee - I wonder where she gets that from?*sarcastic!*). :)  I think any little girl would have fun with this one (especially with all of the sparkle).

The pony is from Paper Doll Dress Up, but the rainbow/heart is from Create a Critter.  I used a marker to trace the cuts and used the non-brand Stickles for anything and everything on the pony.  The stamp is from My Pink Stamper (LOVE THEM) and the purple paper was punched using an MS punch.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  I hope you've been having as much fun as I have!!!!!

Make sure you check out these wonderful ladies (if you haven't already)! You may have to scroll down to see their creations for the blog hop!!!


Thanks again for stopping by!!! :) Make sure you you look at Day 1 of the 80's Blog Hop for info on the blog hop candy!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop!!

**Just scroll down for the 80's blog hop**

I'm so excited!!!  Abby at Scrapbookaholic by Abby invited me to participate in this blog hop that she and Gaby from Gaby Creates are hosting!!!  I'm so glad they invited me to participate!!! 
I'm assuming that you hopped over from visiting Gabby (isn't she AMAZING!!!);   If you happen to come to my blog first, make sure you start with Abby!!
I'll be honest - this was difficult for me.  Please, don't get me wrong!!!  I had to do a lot of research on the background and the traditions for this holiday.  I did not know anything about it, but (like I try to teach my children) getting to know different cultures and different holidays is a wonderful thing and you should learn everything you can!!!  That's exactly what I did (so thank you ladies for helping me grow)!!!!!!!  I loved learning more about it!!
I love the colors used for this holiday, and it was a lot of fun for me to make this card!  I hope I did justice to this amazing celebration!!!!!!!!!

 I used my Gypsy to place the cuts on the card.  The skeletons are from Gypsy Wanderings.  I used the Xyron technique for the skeleton to really make it shine (both because of the glitter and the shiny from the Glossy Accents).  

Of course, what is a blog hop without candy?!  All you have to do is comment on this post.  You DON'T have to be a follower, if you like my work than I'd love to have you follow; it's NOT required though!!!  Here's a picture of what I'm offering!  You'll have until November 7th at midnight to post a comment, and onlly one comment per person please!!

Make sure you hop over to Karla at KA Little Scrap Corner, you'll love her talent!!!!  If you get lost along the way, here's the list of everyone creating for the hop!!  I hope you have fun!!!
Celeste (ME!!!)