Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rockin New Year Blog Hop

WELCOME!!!!!!  I'm so glad you're here for a Rockin' New Year blog hop; hosted by the AMAZING Jen @ Simply Chic Design by Jen.  I hope you just came from Carol @ Carol's Sweet Creations isn't she amazing?!!); if you didn't just make sure you start out with her (click here to start - you won't want to miss a thing)!!!!

Growing up I never really did anything for New Year's; it wasn't a big holiday for my family.  The funny thing is that for my husband's family it was a complete opposite.  His family set aside New Year's to have a BIG party; they combined family Christmas present trading and New Year's celebrations together (that was a BIG change for me).  What is a party without (lots of food and) a TON of games.  We play a ton of games ranging from board games to card games to our recent favorites of Guitar Hero and ROCK BAND!!!!!  So in order to celebrate our family totally Rockin' Out on New Year I made this card!!  (HEHE - I like it)! :)
The guitar is from the Hannah Montana cartridge and is cut out at 2.81 (as the height on my Gypsy), but you could shrink it down to 2.75 and it would look just fine.  The stamp is actually something I found in a dollar bin at Michaels.  I used some Pearlescent water colors **Thanks Nicole* to color parts of the guitar to look more like flames.  You could use markers, but I love the shimmer that the water colors give it.  

Now onto the Blog Candy - I know it's not much, but everyone likes free (and pay no attention to the mess in the background).  All you need to do is leave one comment telling me what you have planned for New Year's. :)  You do not have to be a follower friend; if you like my style, I'd love to have you as a friend (but it is NOT required)!!  US residents only, unless you would like to pay for shipping (I'm sorry - I truly hope you understand).
Your next stop is Court @ Court's Crafts!!  You will love what she has created (I LOVE her work)!!!!!!  Here is the rest of the talented ladies in the line-up, just in case you get If you get lost along the way; like I said - You won't want to miss a thing:

***ME!!!!!*** - you are here!!

Thanks again for stopping by, make sure you go visit

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flaunt It Fridays and a HELLO!!!!!!!!

Hello to all of my friends!!!!!!!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate).   We had a great time, the hubby had the 24th and 25th off so we were able to spend some time with him (he works so hard - we take what we can get).  We had some of our family come over later on Christmas day and (luckily) I had enough food for everyone.  My little ones wanted to go to my In-laws' house and my Mother-in-law was nice enough to take them; lucky me - I get to have a little bit of me time.  :)  I'm so glad (thanks Mother-in-law)!!! 

With my 'me' time I decided to participate in Flaunt It Fridays challenge.  The challenge is to use the turtle from Create a Critter.  They also challenged to make something other than a card.  Well I used the turtle; I made a card that has a gift card (or money) holder inside.  The turtle didn't turn out exactly as I wanted (the colors didn't quite work right), but it's still cute.  I had a wonderful friend send me a set of Peachy Keen stamps (EEEEEEEK - LOVE THEM)!  I stamped half of the face on it; I thought the face turned out super cute!!  I cut the clouds out by hand and inked the edges with silver (I know, it's a little hard to see it).
 (below) - picture of the inside to hold a gift card

For the gift card holder part I glued the bottom of the pink paper (so the gift card wouldn't fall out the bottom); and then attached the four corners.  All of the paper I used was from my scrap box, so I'm not sure of brands (sorry).  If you have a chance stop by Flaunt it Fridays to check out the challenges (they're so fun)!!! :)  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm so glad you did!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Alive and a Merry Christmas!! :)

I just want to say a quick THANK YOU to my dear friends!!!  I've been super swamped lately and went out of town (twice); so I haven't had much time to craft.  I'm still here and everything is fine!!!! :)  I am participating in two blog hops after Christmas so I'll have some things posted at that time. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chance for a Free Mini Album

I know it's been a while since I've posted a creation (I have a ton of excuses reasons excuses for that).  I was finally able to take a few moments to visit some of my friends and found out something that I really wanted to share!!!  I hope most (if not all) of you know Rhonda from Scrap Happens.  She is one of the most amazing crafters I know (not to mention one of the most giving/generous ones). 

She is (as of this morning) only FIVE followers away from 300.  Once she hits 300 followers she will be making a special album for a special person.  Right now there are only 18 comments (and she posted it on Wednesday).  I'd love for any of my friends to win, Rhonda's albums are TREASURES!!!!  :) 

If you do stop by and become a follower make sure you comment on her 300 follower post (click here); make sure you tell her that I said hi and make sure you mention what you'd like to see her create (I'm amazed at how she takes your idea, runs with it and makes it better than you could even imagine)!!!!!!!!  I know this is something you should try for; you'll love her work!!  Make sure you look at all of the albums she's made! 

**Hugs to you Rhonda!!  I hope you hit 300 followers!!!**

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Believe - yes another card

Sorry this is short!  I've been out of town and won't be back until Wednesday.  We had something come up (family thing).

Ok, so I'm sure all of you are sick of my cards being based around the movie 'Polar Express'.  We just love the movie and I love the wonder and amazement in my little boys eyes when the little boy gets the jingle bell.  Such a fun story.  So (of course), here's another card inspired by the movie.

I added some buttons to the bottom right corner, but forgot to take a picture.   The 'Believe' is from Gypsy Wanderings, the jingle bell is from Christmas solution.

Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best Card for Little Sis! - Religious

This post is Religious - if it bothers you . . . just look at the picture. :)

I also forgot to show you this one!!!!  I've mentioned before that my little sister is serving an LDS mission in Buenos Aires.  My little ones and I were able to go visit my family before she left.  In our church the leaders usually ask the person getting ready to leave for a mission to speak in church before they go; so we were able to hear her speak!!!  My little sister was so nervous that morning (actually most of the week), but she did an AMAZING job!!!!  Her talk was very touching!  She spoke about the fire of testimony and how it starts with the little spark in your heart; she talked about how it can grow and what can help to fuel the flame.  For a 22 year old woman to give a talk like that . . . well, let's just say I was a very proud older sister!!!!  So I ended up making this card especially for her to let her know how proud I am of her!! **Did I mention my sister loves pink and brown together, and polka dots are her FAVORITE!!** :)

This was cut from the Create a Critter cartridge (yes, again) cut at 3.5 (I believe; I didn't save it, sorry).  Of course I added stickles to it :)  The purple ribbon is actually something that I got from the very talented Nicole at Primped in Paper.  She is so talented, you should go tell her I say hi (and check out her creations while you're there). :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Another Deep Breath and Good News

I promised to show these pictures.  These are a FEW of the cards that I sent my little sister!  She's serving an LDS mission and loves to give cards.  Well, I don't have much to give; but I knew I could help with the cards!  I ended up making around 100 different cards for her.  She should have received them (hehehe - she had no idea they were coming)! :)  It's not the best picture, but you get the idea. :)

I also gave a few similar ones to my Mom, hehehe - she didn't know it was coming either! :)

**The hehehe's can also be read as mwahahahaha (evil scientist laugh); either laugh is appropriate!** :)

After all of that fun stuff I can't tell you how frustrated I am.  I was watching my little girl sing during our Church  Christmas party (so cute).  When I got a text from a friend (thanks again - you know who you are) letting me know I had won some blog candy (YEAH!!!!!!)!  So I got home and got online and find out that I won it from the wonderful and talented HoneyB.  You really have to see her - she is AMAZING (click here for her blog)!!!!!!!  As I start reading through I question why in the world did I not see this a few days before.  I'd been doing better at commenting and reading blogs (I was terrible there for a little - sorry - again working on sisters' cards).  I finally figured out that all of the blogs that I had 'followed' over the weekend were not showing up on my reader list.


So I ended up going back through the hops that I participated in and that I had hopped along for the ride so that I could re-follow them.  Has anyone else had that happen?!

So I have to say to those I hopped with and those others that I came to visit - I'm sorry!!  I really thought I was following, it just didn't work for some reason. Ok, I think I'm done (for now). :)

Thanks again my wonderful friend (again-you know who you are *LISA*).  Thanks to HoneyB I am so excited for that cartridge (I REALLY wanted it)!!!!!!!!!! :)  I also want to say a BIG THANKS to my new followers friends!!!!  I'm so glad you stop by, and I'd love to see your work!  Ok, I really think I'm done for now. :)  Thanks for stopping by (and listening to my ramblings)!!! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm so sorry this is a day late!!!  I really didn't forget about it, I just got too busy!

WOW!!!  How fun was this last weekend?!!!!!!!  I had so much fun!  I want to give a big thanks to Jen over at Simply Chic Design by Jen and Dorcas over at 4 Crafty Angels for allowing me to participate in these wonderful blog hops!  I had so much fun!  I also wanted to give a big thanks to all of you!!  I read every single comment and loved them!  I'm so happy that so many of you wanted to be my followers friends!  I would be honored if you went to 'My Inspiration' page and added your blog!  I would love to come and visit you!!!  Thanks so much!!!  OK - on to the winners!!!!!!!!

Christmas Card blog hop winner is . . . . . . . Stefeni!!!!

stefeni said...
Great card! I love wrapping presents during Christmas. Shopping for them is another story..

Snowy Winter blog hop winner is . . . . . . Susan!!!!

Susan said...
Thank you for being so sweet I love all your projects and the fact you called us friends and not followers even though I love to follow everyone! Thanks for you surprise giveaway too!

For the Snowy Winter blog hop winner I'm actually going to let you pick.  I was originally going to give away this:
It's a cute little storage/travel scrap bag with 4 things of non-brand stickles (that I love), some pearls, and 6 of these stick-ez (so cute and fun to use). But, it seems like a lot of people loved the countdown calendar.  So if you would like the countdown calendar I'd be happy to give that to you (you'll pick what the countdown block will say, for example: Christmas Countdown, Birthday Countdown, Anniversary Countdown, Vacation Countdown, etc.)

Congrats Stefeni and Susan!!!  I'll be e-mailing you shortly!

Again, thanks so much to Jen over at Simply Chic Design by Jen and Dorcas over at 4 Crafty Angels for allowing me to participate in these wonderful blog hops; and to you for making them so much fun!!

Don't forget to link your blog on 'My Inspiration' page!!!  Thanks again!!! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snowy Winter Blog Hop!!!!!!!! :)

I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing hop.  The Snowy Winter hop is being hosted by Dorcas over at 4 Crafty Angels.  I hope you came over after visiting Norma at Pink Bling Crafter.  She's amazing isn't she!  I love her work.  If you just came to my blog by chance make sure you start at the beginning with Dorcas at 4 Crafty Angels; we've got some great blog candy!!!!!! :)

On to my projects; yes, PROJECTS.  Sorry, I couldn't pick just one (go figure)!! :)  The first one is a card.  This time of year my family and I start thinking about Christmas.  One of my favorite stories is The Three Trees.  It is a very sweet story and means a lot to me.  With that story in mind I decided to make this card!
All of the paper is from my scrap pile so I'm not sure of the brands.  I used the Christmas Solutions cart for the trees and they are cut at 3 1/2, 2 1/2 and 2.  I used a marker to ink the branches and then used an ink pad to ink the outside edges.  The white (of course) has some flock to look like snow.

My second project is a countdown calendar.  I made it so that it can be used as a countdown as well as a regular calendar.  My little ones love it!!!

The numbers are cut at 3 inches and the words are cut at 3/4 inches using the Old West cartridge.  The months and numbers are just paper that I mod podged on.  I love it (and it helps my little ones with numbers)!! :)

Now onto blog candy.  I couldn't get a good picture of my candy, sooooo . . . we're just going to keep it a surprise!!!  All you have to do is comment on this post.  That's it!!!  If you love my work and I can help inspire you then I'd love to have you become a follower friend; but it's NOT required!!!  US residents only, I hope you understand!!

Now that you've seen my projects hop on over to Blanca @ Sweet Scrapping With HoneyB, she's got an amazing creation!!!!!

Here's the lineup for the amazing ladies that are hoping along (in case you get lost):

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did You Hear?!

**Click here or here for my posts for the Christmas blog hop**

EEEEK! I can't believe it!!!!  I'm sure many of you know Kassidy with Inking it Up Crazy (if not you should go check out her work)!!  Well, a few days ago she announced her Winter Design Team . . . AND I MADE IT!!!!!  I couldn't believe it - I still can't believe it!  I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing team!!  Here is my first creation as a member of her design team. 

The project is themed around Snowflakes.  I've seen these around before, but I can't remember exactly where I saw this type of card.  This card was so much fun to make!  The picture on the left is what it looks like before you pull the ribbon, the one on the right is what it looks like when you pull it to open (times like this make me wish I had a video recorder - Hubby - are you reading this?) :)  HAHA!  Ok, so on to the directions.

You start with two pieces of cardstock at 4 1/4 x 5 1/2.  To cut the partial window you put the paper at 3 1/2 and cut between 3/4 to 4 3/4.  Flip the paper over and repeat the cut.  After that cut in between the two lines (making the partial window).

 On the flap score at 1 1/4, 3 and 4 3/4 all from the bottom and only between the cut lines.  Here's what the backside looks like with the score marks.
Fold so that it creates a mountain.

Next, cut a tag out.  The dimensions for the tag are 3 x 4 1/4.  Line up the bottom of the flap to the bottom of the tag.  Only glue the bottom part of the flap, otherwise you won't be able to move the tag.  The tag is a little bit wider than the flap - that's fine!  You can see the red edges of the tag in the picture below.
The next thing you'll do is to use your ATG gun to tape the front of the card to the back of the card.  Just make sure that you don't glue too close to the tag.  After that decorate however you would like.  I just added a snowflake onto a blue piece of paper and used my ATG to tape it to the flap.  Only tape part of it, remember it will fold up.

I also stamped 'Tis the Season' on the tag part using a stamp from Pink by Design Simply Everything stamp!!  I love these stamps!!  They are AMAZING!!  They pick up the ink so well!  I'm so impressed!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Make sure you check out the rest of the DT creations!!
Jessie @ Scrappy Jess
Erika @ Cricut Love

If you have any questions just leave a comment and I'll replay ASAP!!  Thanks again for visiting! :)

Another Christmas Card for the Christmas Blog Hop

First - I just want to say thank you to everyone for your sweet comments yesterday!!!  I really wasn't look for reassurance, I was just . . . frustrated; it was hard to have it not turn out the way I wanted.  All of you were so sweet with the comments - you truly made my day!!!!!!!  Ok, since I was so frustrated with my last card I decided to make this one.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  Yes, it's the same background paper.  Sorry, it just reminds me of a winter snow storm; not to mention I only have a few pieces of Christmas paper. :) 

I used the Christmas Solutions cart for the Church and it was cut at 3 1/2.  The border punch is an old Martha Stewart one I got YEARS ago.  I stamped 'Dream' on it, I think I need one that says something about 'The Reason for the Season'; but I thought Dream would work OK.  I used some flock for the snow (isn't it cute?)!!!

Well, I'm so glad you stopped by!!!  I was invited to participate in a blog hop yesterday.  I'd love it if you made sure you stopped by the rest of the AMAZING ladies that participated in the hop!!  It was hosted by the wonderful and super talented Jen over at Simply Chic Design by Jen.  Stop at her blog first (if you haven't already).  Make sure you stop to see everyone else; here's the line-up:

Karen @ The Busy Bug

I also had blog candy for the hop; all you have to do is comment on yesterday's post (click here).  Thanks again for stopping by!!!  I really appreciate the support!  Thanks friends!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Card Blog Hop!!!

WELCOME!!!!  I'm so glad you are here!!  I hope you've been having a great time!!  This wonderful hop is being hosted by Jen over at Simply Chic Design by Jen.  If you came to my blog first - thank you - but make sure you start at the beginning with Jen!!  So this hop is for Christmas!  YEAH!!!  I'm assuming you just came over after visiting Saundra at Luv Scrapping Together .  Isn't she amazing?!!!

So here's my card.  I'll be honest - I'm a little disappointed.  It didn't turn out the way I saw it in my mind.  I used the Christmas solutions (the one downloaded to the Gypsy).  I tried it with the part on the inside of the sign and didn't like it (again - not quite what I though).  I added a bit of bling to liven it up.  I'm so sorry it's not the best card I've ever made; I actually have a cute one tomorrow.

I know it's not much to offer for candy, but I thought it might be nice for someone to have (even if you re-gift it . . . I won't tell). :)

All you need to do is leave a comment letting me know what your favorite part is of Christmas.  Mine is the tree. :)  We go up the mountains to go get a real tree.  We enjoy doing it as a family (I think my kids just like playing in the snow)!!  You do NOT have to become a follower!  I'd love to have you as a follower friend if I can help inspire you!  The only other thing is that is for US residents only - I'm so sorry, I hope you understand.  I'll announce the winner on Monday, December 6.  Please just leave one comment. :)

Here is the line-up just in case you get lost along the way:

Karen @ The Busy Bug

Thanks again for stopping by!!  Make sure you head on over to see Jeanine @ Scrappin With JC!  You'll be glad you did!