About Me

I am married to a wonderful man that deals with my addiction to crafting. We have a beautiful daughter and a very handsome son (such a proud mommy!), as well as a very, very little chihuahua. 

We live in a small (emphasis on small) town in Idaho which is perfect for us. We love the outdoors - everything from ATVing, camping, and of course - hunting. 

I just started a new job (it sort of fell into my lap).  I was a stay-at-home mommy, but both my hubby and I agree that this job will help.  My dream is to be a High School math teacher - it's OK, I know most people will read 'math' and cringe. 

I've been crafting for about 3 years now. I started out with a personal Cricut (Baby Bug) and about a year later decided to move up to the Expression. I love to craft when my kids have either a 'break time' (because 'nap' is a bad word) or after they go to sleep. My little ones 'help' me craft some of the time, especially when we make cards for family members. 

I created a blog to document my creations for me or my family to look at; but soon found that there are so many creative people out in blog land . . . then I got sucked in! :) 

I am terrible when it comes to writing, so in my posts you will see a lot of parenthesis, exclamation points and smiley faces made of a colon followed by the end parenthesis. :) HAHA (It's so TRUE!!!) 

My main creations are cards, but periodically dabble in other things.  I LOVE any comments or questions and hope that you enjoy my blog! Thanks for checking it out. Make sure to leave a comment with your blog so I can look at your stuff too!

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