Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Grateful I Cried

Ok, I admit it - I'm a big baby!!!  It's true, ask my hubby.  I just finished dinner clean-up and got online to check some of my favorite sites.  I noticed I had an e-mail, and after I read it I was so happy, surprised and grateful I started to cry (my kids got worried so I had to explain to them what happened).  The e-mail that I received was from Rhonda over at Scrap Happens With Rhonda.  She makes these AMAZING mini albums and does a weekly giveaway.  Well, the e-mail was to let me know that she decided to give me a mini album, just because I visit her blog and leave comments.  I can't believe the time and effort that she puts into these albums, she is truly amazing and it is MY PLEASURE to visit her site, and everyone knows that comments help make the craft world go around!  You really should go visit her site and check out her creativity, you won't be sorry!!!!  Rhonda - thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  I'm so grateful!!!! :)

Serenity Scrappers

Serenity Scrappers is having a color challenge this time.  This time the challenge is to do a layout (whatever size you want), but to use the colors of Blue, Purple, and Green.  I am TERRIBLE at scrapbooking, it's one of my weaknesses!  So I have decided that I wanted to do this challenge.  I'm trying to stretch myself and learn new skills.  Like I said, it's not anything special, but at least I have one picture saved in a book instead of in a box.  This is actually a two page layout, but because of the personal stuff on the first page (footprints, poem, journaling) I'm choosing not to show it (I hope you understand)!  Well, here's my layout. :)

Is it weird that I kept her bracelets and mine from the hospital?  Or even the ribbon that was in her hair?  Her Dad picked the ribbon and all of the nurses loved it because it wasn't pink, so I thought it looked cute on the corner of the picture.  I figured the picture was so old that it was OK to see her face. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Comming Soon!!

Abby over at Scrapbookaholic and her BFF are doing there very first blog hop for the Day of the Dead (Spanish: Dia de los Muertos).  Click on the button for more information.  She also has some blog candy going on for those that will help spread the word (click here for details).  You won't want to miss out on this!!!!
Blog Hop

Hidden Element

Over at Polka Doodles they have a challenge going on right now.  The challenge is to create something that has a hidden element.  Here's my take on the challenge.

I used Paper Doll Dress Up for the little bat.  I used a Cricut marker to trace it, then cut the bat out.  The letters are actually cut outs I had that matched perfectly.  The patterned paper is some of the beautiful paper I won from Serenity Scrappers.  Isn't it the cutest paper ever?!!!!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Than Favors challenge

Paula at More Than Favors has a challenge going right now.  The challenge is to use Pink, Black, Gray, and White.  As I was thinking about what type of card to make, I found out that one my friends lost her Father-in-law.  I wanted to make a card for her and this is what came to mind.
I used Gypsy Wanderings for the branch and pink flowers. The white parts of the flowers are just some white Prima flowers I had.  I'm not sure where the stamp is from (sorry)!!

Inking It Up Crazy challenge

Kassidy over at Inking it Up Crazy is having a challenge.  The challenge is to use a cartridge that you don't normally use.  Well, the only one that I could really think of was Accent Essentials.  I decided to make this card.
It's not my favorite card, but it turned out OK.  Thanks for stopping by!! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

TT - Old School!

I know, last minute!!!  I meant to get this done last night, but that didn't work.  Emma over at My Creative Time has a challenge  (that ends today) to go back to the 'Old School' way of making cards.  The challenge is to make a card without any big fancy machines, going back to basics.  Well, here's my take on it.  I know of several people that are really close to having a baby so I thought this would be perfect!!
The paper is from a pack I found at Big Lots so I don't know what brand of paper it is.  I used a border punch to make the little corners and the sticker is from Marcella by K.  I love the sticker and the paper because they're so sparkly! :)  Thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Feel So Special

I love to visit Abby over at Scrapbookaholic!  She is super creative and I love all of her projects.  She just posted yesterday that she would give this card to someone that commented on it (click here to see it), and I won!!!  I can't believe it!!  It's such a cute card, I feel so special.  Thanks so much Abby!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

For those that know a little about me you know that anytime I make a card for a family member I always have my children help with ideas (makes it more personal).  So, for my Mom's Birthday I asked the kids what they love best about Grandma.  The first response was going to feed the horses (they say this for just about anyone in my family), the second thing was that they love when she takes them swimming.  So, this is what I came up with. 

I had little helper hands that wanted to help me glue, ink, and use the pens so you can see a few shiny spots on the paper were the glue was spilled and a few ink mess-ups.  The card didn't turn out exactly as I planned it, but it was something specially made from my little ones.  My little girl really had a hand in this one.  She's the oldest Grandchild on my side of the family and seems to have a very special place in her Grandma's heart - so she wanted to make sure that she . . . helped. :)  Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

For this card I just used the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge, and the stamp is one of those dollar stamps I found a long time ago.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guest Designer cont . . .

I hope you stopped over to visit Georgiana at Carson's Cricut Creations!!!  She let me visit her blog to do a guest post (SO MUCH FUN!!!)  Here's the end result, make sure you go see her to get all of my directions!  She's also having a birthday giveaway of a surprise cartridge!!  Hurry over and wish her a Happy Birthday!!!!!!

This one is one of my favorites I've made so far!  You'll have to visit Carson's Cricut Creations to hear the story and to get directions!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Guest Designer

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest designer over at Carson's Cricut Creations!  You'll have to stop by, say hi, enter her Birthday Giveaway, and see all of the amazing things she's created!!!  Here's a little sneak peak . . . Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teacher Gift

Wow, it's been crazy at my house; it seemed like it was one thing after another.  Well, I've been working on this project for a while now (I know - terrible)!!  My oldest just started kindergarten and LOVES it!!  Between riding the bus, meeting new people and learning new things she couldn't be happier!!  I made this little gift for her teacher. 

I used a recipe box I got on sale to hold the cards (looking back I wished I would have decorated the box . . . oh well).  For the cards I just printed off the sentiment on a few sheets of beautiful cardstock that I have.  I made it so that I could cut 8 cards out of one sheet of paper.  I cut out a few apples from the Preserves cartridge and used some stamps I had for the rest of them.  I thought the teacher might like a little bit of variety.  I also made the teacher a quick card with this little poem I thought of.
We wanted to thank you
For all that you do
So this simple card set
Was made just for you
A handwritten note
Can always reach
The hearts of the children
You lovingly teach
For praise or reward
To brighten their day
For you to use
In just about any way
Again, we just wanted
To gratefully say
Thank you for everything
You do every day!!

I hope she liked it!  Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grateful - Challenges

I was over at Made by Momo looking at the challenge that she has going on right now.  Momo's challenge was to make a card 'just because'.  The first thing that came to my mind was to send a card to my Grandpa and Grandma.  I decided that I wanted to let them know how grateful I am to have them in my life; I love being the oldest (and I think favorite) grandchild.  My Grandparents' house is surrounded by trees, and this time of year the leaves on all of the trees would be changing; I always loved the colors!!!!  While creating this card I found Card Creations & More by C; she has a challenge going on right now. Her challenge is to use ribbon and bling.  PERFECT!!!!!

I tried a new method I'd seen for the ribbon.  I usually just leave it flat, but I've seen quite a few people layering it like I did.  I like it a lot! :)  The phrase and the cut out leaf are from Gypsy Wanderings.  I used the shadow of the cut out leaf duplicated it, flipped it and welded it together to create the shape card.  I put the orange piece of paper behind the patterned one through my Cuttlebug and then painted it with a little glitter paint.  I, of course, added a little bit of bling. :)

Paper Playtime & Practical Scrappers Challenge

A few days ago I found a cute little blog called Paper Playtime.  The have a challenge for anyone that would like to participate.  They based the challenge on  the phrase 'If the shoe fits, buy one of every color'; so the challenge is to make something with either a shoe or variety.

I am a country girl through and through.  The first thing that came to mind when I read ' if the shoe fits' was the phrase from Toy Story 2 with Jesse saying "If the boot fits . . ."  I knew my card should have a boot.  I just thought this was perfect (at least as a card from me). :)

Before the project was completed I knew it was missing something, but I wasn't sure what.  Well I started looking through blog-land and found Practical Scrappers.  They have a challenge to use buttons.  Well, searched through my buttons and found the perfect one.  The picture doesn't quite do it justice - it's a very rustic looking button.  I put some string through it to give it a little pop.

Here's a close-up of the phrase.  I printed the phrase off on my computer.
As well as a close up of the button.
The boot is from Old West.  I just used a scrapbook pen to trace the cuts (since I don't own a Cri-kit Pen).  The background paper is from a stack I found at Tuesday Morning's, the dark blue has the flocking on it.  Thanks for stopping by!!!

Oh Deer!! - Serenity Scrappers Challenge

Over at Serenity Scrappers they are putting out another challenge. :) This challenge is WOW!  No, seriously - it stands for Week of Weather.  Ok, I can't take credit for that one, they made it up (so cute)! :)  So the challenge was to make something that shows 'one of your fun weather times.'

This time of year is big for me and my hubby and our children, HUNTING SEASON.  Even though our little ones are still very little we include them in on everything we do.  I know, some people don't like it or may look down on it; but it is a time for us to be together and enjoy the outdoors as a family.  I also like it because we're able to put meat in our freezer.  So I thought I would make a card for our hunting season.  The card also has a second use - I forgot about Grandparent's Day (OOPS!!) so I made this one for my in-laws.  We go hunting with them, so I thought they might like it (that's where the 'oh deer' comes in).
The trees and the deer are from Camp Out.  I used my Gypsy (LOVE HER) to size and weld the trees.  You wouldn't have to weld them, I just wanted one nice cut.  I duplicated the cut and again used my Gypsy's hide contour feature to make is so that it didn't cut the holes in the tree branches.  After that I just used my scissors to cut the trunk off of the patterned paper.  The green and blue papers are from Stampin' Up (scraps I got from my friend).  The stamp is actually just from one of those stamp sets that has the separate letters - I just put them together to spell 'oh deer'; it's not perfect, but I liked it. :)

Oh Deer - yep, that sums up this time of year for us.  Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Stop by and say Happy Birthday

You have to stop by Carson's Cricut Creations!!!  My friend Georgiana has a Birthday coming up and she's sharing with us!  Go visit her blog (click here for the exact link)!  She is so amazingly creative!  Go say hi and Happy Birthday (and have a chance to win a cartridge, the fun thing is that we don't know what cart yet)!!!!!  YEAH!!!!  Happy (almost) Birthday Georgiana!! :)

Disclaimer - This is one of her cards; I did not create it, Georgiana did!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SHHHH - don't tell the hubby!

So I live in a very small farming town, the nearest big shopping area is about 45 minutes away.  While my little girl was at school on Friday I took my little boy to get groceries (yes, we even have to take a cooler for frozen or cold foods).  While in town I decided to stop by Tuesday Morning.  I've never been there before, so I just wanted to look around.  Well looking around changed to purchasing.  Here are some pics of my haul.  Just remember - Don't tell the hubby! :)
I couldn't believe the deals!  I wish we could have looked around a little more, but the little man was hungry so we kept it short. :)  Thanks for stopping by!!!

Baby Card - More Than Favors Challenge

Paula over at More Than Favors has a Wacky Wednesday Challenge for readers to create something themed around BABY!!!  YEAH!  I have a few friends that are pregnant and I had needed to make a few cards for them - so two birds with one stone. :)

I think I like the one on the right better (layout wise), it seemed a little cuter to me.  I used Gypsy Wanderings for all of the cuts.  The patterned paper is from a stack I found at Big Lots a long time ago.  Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Halloween Card - Whimsical Wednesday Challenge

Well, a few posts back you'll see that I was fortunate enough to win the October 31 solutions cart from Rosy at Sweet Delights Paper and More.  Well, I LOVE this cart!!!  It's perfect (for those that Love Halloween).  Stephanie over at Always Crafting is having a challenge to create something with the Mini Monsters cartridge, if you have it; if you don't own it (like me) you can make something Halloween or Fall - ish. :)  YEAH!!!!  An . . . excuse . . . to use my October 31 cartridge (Yeah - I'll find any excuse)!  I thought I might try one of those gate cards that everyone has been doing - I know, I'm always the last to the party. :)  So without further ado - here's my creation.
The patterned paper is from Stampin' Up.  I'm not sure if they still have it or not - a wonderful friend of mine is a demonstrator and she gave me a bunch of scraps (YEAH!) and some of the old paper that is going out. :)  Of course for the window I used the October 31st cart and the cute little ghosts are from Paper Doll Dress Up.  I cut the ghosts out in a velum type paper so that they seem a little see-through.  I traced their eyes and mouth with a fine tipped pen, since I don't own any of those cri-kit pens yet. :)  Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I won and forgot to share!

I feel terrible!!!!  A few posts ago I posted a two page scrapbook page of 'My Little Pumpkins' for Serenity Scrappers Blog challenge.  Well, I forgot to post that I won!!  They are so awesome!!!  There were three of us that went in on the challenge and they decided to let all of us win!!!  I'm so excited!!!!  Thanks so much Serenity Scrappers!!!!

Fishin' a Happy Birthday

GRRRRR - is all I can say to my final result!  Don't get me wrong - I loved the challenge over at Peachy Keen Stamps! They challenged to use the color scheme and sketch below. 
I was trying to make this really cute (yet masculine), but had a few problems along the way.  Long story short - It worked, but not as planned; I ended up having to write the sentiment (that's where the GRRRR comes in).  My Dear Father-In-Law's Birthday is right around the corner.  One of the things my kids love to do with Grandpa is go fishing so this was the card we came up with. 

I used the sketch and colors from Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge, but I flipped it upside down to fit.  Like I said - not the way I wanted it to look, but it will mean a lot to him because it's from his grandkids.  I did end up doodling a little before we sent it - forgetful me forgot to take another picture, sorry!  I used the Camp Out cart for the fishing pole, the fish is from Paper Doll Dress Up, and the waves are from Plantin Schoolbook.  Pay no attention to the terrible inking job, it's a skill I still don't have mastered. :)  Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My little pumkins

I am terribly behind on my scrapbooking/family history!!!  So when Serenity Scrappers challenged followers to make a 12x12 layout with buttons and bows I had to jump on the bandwagon.  I also saw that Always Crafting was challenging readers to use bling, buttons, and brads by using one, two or all three items on a project - I knew my 12x12 would work for that as well.  These are older pics, but they needed to be in a book!!  I hope you don't mind the blurred faces and journaling - I just try to protect my little ones. :)
The font used for the layout is from the Mickey Font and the pumpkins where cut from Gypsy Wanderings.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Xyron technique - Card for Sis

I had a question on how to do the Xyron technique with glitter like I did in my last post and the dress in the card below.  So really quick (with pics since I don't have a camera) I'll go through how easy it is.

I own both a 1.5" Xyron as well as a 5" one (they were on sale so I figured why not).  For this one I used my little Xyron.

 You place the item that you would like to glitter into the machine (if it's called that).  Make sure your item is face down.

 After it goes through and you've torn it off I like to press it down with a boning tool or a credit card to make sure none of the sticky comes off of it.  Make sure you go around the edges too! You can see the back side of the sticker below and you might notice the lines where I went over it (I still needed to do a little more).

After you've gone over it you can separate the backing from the front part and you'll have your sticky image.  Oh, a little shiny. :)  Obviously I didn't go over the top of the dress to well, you can see the little bit of bubbling. 

 Once sticky - glitter away!!!!!  I go old school with the paper behind the image.  I don't have money to purchase any fancy gadgets that help reduce the mess.  If anyone knows of any, I'm all ears!!!! :)

One of the best things I've found was Glossy Accents.  I purchased this at Roberts (when I lived in Utah), but I'm sure you can find it at any craft store - and I know you can find it online.  I love this because you put it over the glittered image and it makes it stand out a little, but it dries clear so you can see the glitter without the mess! (YEAH - no glitter in the bottom of an envelope.) Below you'll see it right after I put it on the dress.

 After the Glossy Accents dries you can place the image on your card. TA-DA!!!!!

 This little card was made using the equipment above, but I also used Gypsy Wanderings for the dress and Ashlyn's Alphabet for the frame.  The sentiment was a stamp I got a long time ago (sorry - I didn't keep track of names), and the bling is from Basic Grey.  This card is going to my little sister.  She recently made a decision to go on a mission for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).  She will be leaving in November and I can't even tell you how proud I am to be her older sister!!!!!!!!  I really wanted to make something special for her, so this was perfect.  Love you Stevie!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You're the best - Challenges

Long story short - I was trying to create a cute card for a lady in my church group.  I was blog surfing (like I always do when in need of inspiration) and I two awesome blogs had different challenges.  Made by Momo challenged everyone to use black, white and only one other color; that got my brain going.  Then I went to another fav - Cricut Cardz Challenge blog.  They are challenging everyone to use a scalloped shape.  After those two, this is what I came up with; I hope my friend likes it.

The scallops are from Ashlyn's Alphabet and the shoe is from Gypsy Wanderings.  I put the red paper through the Cuttle Bug along with the white one.  I used the Xyron technique for the glitter and topped it off with Glossy Accents to really stand out.  The stamp is from a set I purchased a while ago at Roberts, I'm sorry I don't know the name of the set.  Thanks for stopping by!! :)