Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Deer!! - Serenity Scrappers Challenge

Over at Serenity Scrappers they are putting out another challenge. :) This challenge is WOW!  No, seriously - it stands for Week of Weather.  Ok, I can't take credit for that one, they made it up (so cute)! :)  So the challenge was to make something that shows 'one of your fun weather times.'

This time of year is big for me and my hubby and our children, HUNTING SEASON.  Even though our little ones are still very little we include them in on everything we do.  I know, some people don't like it or may look down on it; but it is a time for us to be together and enjoy the outdoors as a family.  I also like it because we're able to put meat in our freezer.  So I thought I would make a card for our hunting season.  The card also has a second use - I forgot about Grandparent's Day (OOPS!!) so I made this one for my in-laws.  We go hunting with them, so I thought they might like it (that's where the 'oh deer' comes in).
The trees and the deer are from Camp Out.  I used my Gypsy (LOVE HER) to size and weld the trees.  You wouldn't have to weld them, I just wanted one nice cut.  I duplicated the cut and again used my Gypsy's hide contour feature to make is so that it didn't cut the holes in the tree branches.  After that I just used my scissors to cut the trunk off of the patterned paper.  The green and blue papers are from Stampin' Up (scraps I got from my friend).  The stamp is actually just from one of those stamp sets that has the separate letters - I just put them together to spell 'oh deer'; it's not perfect, but I liked it. :)

Oh Deer - yep, that sums up this time of year for us.  Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

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