Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teacher Gift

Wow, it's been crazy at my house; it seemed like it was one thing after another.  Well, I've been working on this project for a while now (I know - terrible)!!  My oldest just started kindergarten and LOVES it!!  Between riding the bus, meeting new people and learning new things she couldn't be happier!!  I made this little gift for her teacher. 

I used a recipe box I got on sale to hold the cards (looking back I wished I would have decorated the box . . . oh well).  For the cards I just printed off the sentiment on a few sheets of beautiful cardstock that I have.  I made it so that I could cut 8 cards out of one sheet of paper.  I cut out a few apples from the Preserves cartridge and used some stamps I had for the rest of them.  I thought the teacher might like a little bit of variety.  I also made the teacher a quick card with this little poem I thought of.
We wanted to thank you
For all that you do
So this simple card set
Was made just for you
A handwritten note
Can always reach
The hearts of the children
You lovingly teach
For praise or reward
To brighten their day
For you to use
In just about any way
Again, we just wanted
To gratefully say
Thank you for everything
You do every day!!

I hope she liked it!  Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

6 Wonderful Comment(s):

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great gift idea!

Coachfans said...

She is definitely going to appreciate having these note cards at her desk.

Georgiana : )

paperscissors said...

i love the elegance and simplicity of these cards! they will be appreciated by the teacher and be admired by everyone that sees her desk. it is grand that your child enjoys school as it is so important to get off on the right foot!

paperscissors said...

oops! i forgot to say thanks for visiting my blog! and leaving a lovely compliment!

teachU14 said...

Wow Celeste... what an awesome teacher gift! And the poem is such a beautiful touch :) I know she'll love it and so will the students that receive each note.

Best Hobby Eva said...

Awesome!! She will so appreciate these! Great idea! Nothing like a homemade gift!!