Thursday, August 26, 2010

First - I'm Sorry!!!!! Second - CARD!!! :)

First I have to apologize!  It's been a while since I've posted a card or any other project.  Between family visiting, getting my oldest ready for school, and scouting for deer (we love to hunt) I haven't been able to make many cards.  So - I'm sorry it's been so long!!!!

Second - CARD!!!  I had a meeting to go to and my DH was at work so I asked one of the ladies in my area if she would watch my little ones for a bit.  My kids love her and her family and she was graceful enough to watch them (she even let them go for a ride with her DH on a combine).  So, I gave her a loaf of banana bread and this card.  She loved it and her boys at all of the banana bread - so that was a big hit.  Thanks again Terri!!!!!!!!

I used Preserves for the watermelon and Plantin Schoolbook for the letters.  Of course - I used my Gypsy to weld the letters together.  Just don't look at the 'm', my little spatula accidentally scraped a little of the 'm' away from the rest of the paper.  Ok - it was me!!  I was in a rush and scraped a little bit of it. :)

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