Monday, October 11, 2010

A Few Sweet Bloggers

Wow, that was a hard!  With all of the sweet bloggers out there, I had a hard time trying to decide who to give this award to.  I truly believe all of you out there deserve the Sweet Blogger award!

I did find 5 amazing ladies that I wanted to give it to, so here they are:

Ana Maria at Teach U 14

Rhonda at Scrap Happens

Adrian at By Adrian 4 U

When you have a moment you may want to check out these amazing ladies!  They are all very creative and truly inspirations to me.  Make sure you tell them that I say hi! :)

4 Wonderful Comment(s):

Rhonda Emery said...

Thank you for the sweet things you always say about me and thank you so much for the award I love it. hugs.

Adrian said...

Thanks! I really appreciate it:) U r always so kind!


teachU14 said...

Thanks so much Celeste! I always enjoy reading comments from you :) And congratulations to all you talented women out there!

Cheryl Gaffney said...

That's so nice of you... you sure picked some wonderful ladies! :)