Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Western Thank You

Well, this one is so simple, but I thought I'd post it.  Nothing fancy, but I am in desperate need to re-fill my card box.
I cut the horseshoes in black and inked them with some silver ink to make them shine a little.  I don't know where the paper came from.  It was a random single sheet that I had (which was actually the base reason for this card), I liked the western feel to it.  I think I need to use it with a boot - hmmmmmmmm **insert lightbulb above my head** - now I'm thinking. :)  Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!! :)

6 Wonderful Comment(s):

girlia said...

It is very cute. Love the lettering.

Celeste said...

Cute card... Simple and cute.

Raven B said...

This is sooo cute. Celeste if you want to send me your address I can send you the pirate card for your son. I know my kiddos LOVE getting mail so just a though. Have a great night.

Amanda C said...

Great card.. I love that font. I know the feeling... my card box is totally depleted!

Abby said...

Love it!!!

Celeste, I have not sent your card!!! I am bad, bad, bad!!! I will will send it this Monday since I have a challenge going on on my blog and I pick the winner on Sunday! But, to compensate, I am sending you a little extra!

Blog Hop info will be sent next week!

Best Hobby Eva said...

I love that patterned paper, it does have a western feel. Cute card!!