Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Awards (WAAAAAAAY Overdue)!!

Oh, my dear friends!!!  It's been too long!! I mentioned earlier that I had been sick and getting better.  Well, I was, then it got worse (a lot worse) but much better now.  I was barely able to get out of bed (or couch) to feed my little ones (seriously).  I'm just grateful for a wonderful husband!!  We've had a lot of yucky bugs going through our community and EVERYONE is getting EVERYTHING!!  Ok, so enough of the excuses!!!

Over the last while I've received several awards.  I am sooooo honored!!!!  I know it did take a while for me to post about these; but that doesn't mean that I'm not excited!!!  I can't tell you how much it means to me.  So without further ado (is that how it's really spelled?), here are the awards:

I received the 'My Blog has Attitude' award from the AMAZING Runnergirl Creations.  She is so talented, I love her work!!!  

I received the 'Stylish Blogger Award' from (in no particular order):
Again, my wonderful friends, I can't tell you how humbled and honored I am!!!  If you haven't seen these amazing crafters, I suggest stopping by their blogs!!!  You'll be happy you did (tell them I said 'hi')!!! :)

With these awards you are supposed to pass them on and tell a few things about you (the numbers vary). :)

As far as passing them on, I would pass either one to anyone and everyone that visits me. :)  All of the sweet comments inspire me; and you KNOW you have to have attitude to hang with me (or at least a good sense of humor).

Here's a few things that make me . . . me! :)
  1. I am a Scout leader (Bear Scouts - 9 year olds).  Isn't that funny?!  I absolutely love it!! :)
  2. I love being a country girl!!!  Of course, that means that I have attitude and can hold my own (good thing my hubby understands me)!!!!!!
  3. My children and I dance around while we clean; we love to sing and dance!!!
  4. My favorite color changes with my mood.  It will change between dark crimson red, deep blue, or forest green. Is that weird that my favorite color changes?
  5. Those that know me really well compare me to Donkey on Shrek.  I remind them of the part where Donkey jumps up and down "Oh, pick me!! Pick me!"  I always volunteer for things.  I love to stay busy!!!
Well, I think that about sums me up!! :)  A BIG thanks to those that gave me these awards!!  I truly am honored!!!! :)  If you want to know anything else about me, let me know. :)   Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!

**If I missed any of the awards, please let me know!!!!  I have the older ones posted here, but please let me know if I missed anyone!!!!!!!!!!**

    4 Wonderful Comment(s):

    Besthobbyeva said...

    Welcome back! We missed you. I am so glad you are feeling better. It is so hard when the Mom is sick. Yay for a great husband.

    Hope to see you crafting soon!!


    Runnergirl Creations said...

    I love that you dance when you clean! Adorable!! :) Blessings!

    Runnergirl Creations said...
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    The Scrapbook Speedway said...

    much deserved awards!