Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh, What a bad friend!!!!!

I felt so bad.  I was looking at my fridge and realized that I missed one of my friends Birthday's.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!  I felt terrible (let's be honest - I'm terrible with Birthdays).  I made this card for her.  I wanted to type the sentiment, but I didn't have time (I was running into town and knew that I could stop off at her house before she went to work).

I stamped the swirls on the front of the card (just to give it a little something).  I can't remember where the card cut came from, but the frog was from Create a Critter; and what is a frog without googly eyes?!!!  :)  The bling on the front was given to me by Albert @ A.Go's Craftomonium.  He is so creative, and such a sweetheart!!!  I thought they worked perfectly for this card.  The rest of the paper is from my scraps pile. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  Have a great day!!!! :)

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Besthobbyeva said...

I hear ya about birthdays' I am getting together with my friend tonight to give her a gift her birthday was November!

Such a cute card! I love the little cheeks on this adorable little guy and the stamped swirls are such a great touch.

I am sure your friend will love it!!


Rhonda Emery said...

your friend will forgive you when she sees how cute the card is you made for her. hugs

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

i agree with rhonda! she'll forgive you after this adorable card!

Paula Bee said...

Adorable card! How can she not forgive you when she sees this cute frog with those big googly eyes?!

Coach fans said...

Friends do understand! I like those flowers too. What are they made out of?


Cheryl Gaffney said...

I have to keep a birthday list right above my Cricut to keep them all straight!!! You card is adorable... I love the oval cut out! :)

Thanks for sharing,
Cheryl @