Thursday, June 2, 2011

Very Delayed - but a WINNER

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  First I'd like to say I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!!  I have been so involved in everything going on in my life that I completely forgot to post a winner to the Bake Sale Blog Hop.

It was so much fun to participate; I hope everyone had a great time!!! :)  So - on to the winner. . .

shersl84bed !!!

She said... My favorite bake sale goods are peanut butter fudge. mmm

Your jar makes me want cookies!

Smiles Sher

Thanks Sher!!!  Shoot me an email at ccscardsandcrafts (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and I'll get your wall decor sent to you. :)

Thanks to everyone for stopping by! :) 

4 Wonderful Comment(s):

shersl84bed said...

whooohooo! I won! Thank you so much. I just sent you an email.

Smiles Sher

Michelle said...

Congrats to you Sher!!!!

girlia said...

Congrats to the winner!

AmyJRockstar said...

Hi Sweetie!
Please come over to my blog as I have something for ya! The post will be up by tomorrow (Wednesday the 15th).

Amy Jo
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com